The Latest Guidance on U.S. Air Travel During the Pandemic

Covid-19 made governments issue new guidelines on traveling every now and then. The USA government has again come up with a new set of notifications for air travel in the pandemic. If you are going to board a flight in the USA, you must get yourself acquainted with travel guidelines.

Here is a list of a new set of travel requirements in the USA:

Covid-19 Test Results and Documents

Now, if you are a USA citizen or even a foreigner, you must carry covid-19 results with you. As an air passenger, you must have documents of Covid-19 negative results. Or if you had positive, then a recovery certificate by medical professionals is required.

Masks are a Must even at checking points

Boarding a plane, now arrives with a face mask as an essential thing now. Whether you are at an airport or on a flight, you have to wear a mask. You cannot avoid this thing of utmost importance.

Vaccination Before Air Travels

If you have made up your mind to travel, then do get full Covid-19 vaccinations. And after getting vaccinated, you must wait at least for a period of two weeks. Because the body also spends a considerable amount of time to build protection after vaccinations doses.

Carry a Sanitiser

Though it sounds must, but many of us do miss this. So, keep extra sanitizers in your bag. In case, you drop your sanitizer bottle somewhere in the way.

What to avoid while air travel:

  •     Avoid huge crowds
  •     Stand at a distance in the queues at the airport
  •     Avoid any contact with any person
  •     Avoid irrelevant touching of nose, eyes, and mouth.

Who all have to carry Covid-19 test results:

All those who are traveling to the USA, whether you are a USA citizen or not. Including all legal permanent residents, this order is applicable to all. Each and every air passenger, even the kids starting from 2 years of age, must have covid-19 test results. Even the non-citizens of the USA are not exempted from air travel.  Everybody falls under the Presidential Proclamation travel restrictions in the USA.

3-day order

The order specifically points that you must have negative results 3 days prior to your flight. However, this does not depend on a specific time. It just has to be 3 days before. For example, you have got yourself tested at 3 pm on Monday. You can simply travel on Thursday.

Air Travel within USA Territories

In case, when you are traveling from one state to another state within the USA. One test report will be applicable, even if your flight has a connecting flight from a foreign land.

What about Land Borders?

You do not need to worry about land borders. This USA order is only limited to Air travel. 

Who Confirms these orders and test results?

The airline authority will make sure that you have a test and all documents. So, in any case, you cannot skip this important thing.

So, get your SARS-CoV-2 test done to avoid any problems. Have a safe flight in the USA.

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