How acclaimed games reach the world stage?


Cricket is an outstanding and hit game all over the world. This game was started in England in the 16th-century. Presently, there are a huge number of fans are pretend in the United Kingdom. It is the most famous sport in the era of British colonial. Usually, there are 11 players in each team that batsmen are hits the ball which came from the opposite person. After hitting the balls, the batsmen try to touch the two borders. Then is calculated as a run scored. if once the batman defeat, then the next one was entered. The wicket was calculated players can get only one out. Ultimately there was a bunch of an audience crowd on the stadium to see the match compared to other games.

Australian Rules football

This football has hold, 18 players, on each team. The playing facet is around 150myards of breadth and 200 yards of length. Aussie rules having snippets of soccer, volleyball, football, basketball, and rugby. It has evolved into dribbling, kicking, or kicking with the unlocked hands. Injecting the balls via goalposts wider is the best way to get score and option to take the latest points.


Netball having a surface area of 100 and 50 meters in length and width. It was followed by all the British common countries. It was having the clear crystalline mark of their half circles which was having a 16m radius. The goalposts porch with ringed nets at the pinnacle via which the ball should pass from on the top to score a point. The rings having a diameter of 15 inches and the ball is rubbery or leathery about the diameter of 8.5 inches and having ounces of 14-16 in weight. After the completion of the first goal, the games was restarted again in the center of the court, similar to a hockey

Team handball

Men handball was inaugurated in the year 1972 in Olympic sports where the women handball was inaugurated later of four years. It was a famous game in Europe. it was rootstock in France, Scandinavia, and Germany. Especially it was having a modern version and was nurturing in the country of Germany and Denmark. Foot court having 130 by 60. The players can reach the advanced level by passing and dribbling the ball. The score can account for when the ball hits into the net where it comes from the outer area which was similar to the basketball.


Hurling is one of the ancient and famous games in Ireland .it was originate before 3000 years. It mimics lacrosse or hockey. Accessories like a flat head like a bat hit the ball and then the ball should reach the guarded net. Then it acquires the three points. Alternatively, if the ball reaches the straight forward above the net it could acquire one point.


Kabaddi is one of the fastest and incredible games in India and Bangladesh. It is considered a national game for Bangladesh. The team was split into two, each team holds 7 players. The points can gain by crossing the opposite field by touching the players. It is one of the toughest games .it is much harder than the casual game. It is one of the best-entertained games in south Asia. Both the men and women had fit to these games

Sepak tekraw

It is one of the best native games in southern Asia. Sepak tekraw is originating in the area of the Malay peninsula which was elaborate volleyball. It is similar to the kabaddi that keeps the needed of all south Asian peoples. Head, knee, chest, feet are the permitted area players can touch the ball

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