Did you want to know about your upcoming smart gadgets?

Without mobile phones we able to survive in this digital world. we can’t keep all the things in our hand .but mobile is the best sources to keep all things in the single objects .it is one of the amazing inventions.upcomng the year’s technology gives a hard treat to all the mobile lovers. here some of the mobile technology going to rule the world.

Holographic phones

Holographic is given the virtual feel from all the dimensional. imagine your handy accessories contain the threedimensional or we can see their dimensional video from all angles .really it’s wondering you. the researches from Canada queen university produces the holo flex prototype and showcased.on the other hand if your holo mobile is flexible it surely surprised you .first holographic and flexible smartphones are touted but it not available soon in the market currently .but we may be expected in the future.

Curved phones

It was established in Cambridge in the year 2008 Taphani who was the researcher and director and research center.you can reshape it and good elasticity mode mart[phonres currently, Samsung also has an idea about the curved phone .the galaxy smart phi es are closet to this technogyu.uisers can easily wear it writs whale playing sports or hiking. and also curved it while watching a film or video

 Education tools

Presently the mobile tools are the best education tools Rather than books or guides. Because the students can use for the interactive learning session, watch the videos virtual classes are also acquired.but the parents. Advanced mobile in the upcoming years is to create more innovation aspects in education systems

Eco-friendly mobile system

In the year 2016 mobile world congress was designed this eco-friendly phone. Kyocera is designed with the solar prototype model. It completely removes the charger [rupopees because it comp, ety desi d with the soler prototypes,.If you want to charge your mobile you just keep that in the solar light it will charge quickly. Campers or skiers are who worked in the exterior area from form also use this eco-friendly smartphone.

Because the phones are also designed to save and secure when it so long presented in the solar light, On the other hand, some companies provide an additional advanced system. So they claim. The main of this company using solar power for 3 minutes at each one phone call. It is specially designed in case of any emergency for the users. But sometimes it is not safe for users to keep the mobile for 3 minutes.  It means users can give chances to the spillage of minutes part of phones.

Another alternative in the technology innovation about the mobile is amazing using the mechanical mobile runs out on kinetic energy. Imagine if you keep your mobile on your finger and spins it what will haPpen you may take off your finger or it leads through the land. Think randomly while spinning your mobile when it is placed in your finger if it gets charged. How was your mind? kinetic energy provide charge to your mobile but additionally, it may fly.


Therefore many of the technical aspects come and playing the role. But you should be addicted to technology because sometimes it provides the perks and sometimes it leads to snags. So you should be aware and vigilant in this innovative world .Choose your accessories according to your needs and lifestyle.

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